Association of Portuguese Concession Companies
of Toll Motorways or Bridges

Driving Advices


Check daily:

  • Fuel level;
  • Proper functioning of the brakes;
  • Tires and wheels;
  • Cleaning of glass and mirrors.

During the trip, check regularly:

  • The fuel and temperature gauge, and the warning lights on the dashboard;
  • If any loads or objects, outside and inside the vehicle, are still properly packed.

Check weekly:

  • Oil and refrigerant, wipers and battery liquid levels (if applicable);
  • Tires pressure (including spare tire);
  • External lights (working, adjustment, and lamps cleaning).

Periodically (at least once a year):

  • General service, in a professional garage, prior to long trips;
  • Do not forget the inspection dates.


  • Obey the limits enforced by law;
  • Respect all road-signs;
  • Respect the speed limits;
  • Maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead, and adequate to the weather conditions;
  • Do not drink and drive;
  • Keep to your right;
  • Do not stop on the motorways or bridges but in Service Areas.


  • Turn on immediately the "hazard warning device" (emergency lights); Try to stop on the hard-shoulders, in case of motorways and Vasco da Gama Bridge; Place the pre-signage triangle, in compliance with the road code (never less than 50 meters from the car);
  • If possible, stop at the nearest SOS post and follow the instructions thereon, in order to obtain the necessary assistance (the SOS posts are located in both directions on motorways, every 2 km);
  • Wait for the assistance patrol, look always for handrails protection and always facing towards the incoming traffic circulating on the motorway;
  • In case of the Vasco da Gama Bridge, try to stop the vehicle on the hard-shoulder or on the nearest lay-by. In either of these cases, the Automatic Detection System will immediately warn the operator who will warn the assistance patrol. For yours and third parties safety, the vehicles should be immediately removed from the bridge;
  • When travelling on the 25th April Bridge, stay inside the vehicle with the safety belt on. The traffic controller on duty will immediately detect the vehicle through the video system and will advise the assistance patrol to remove the vehicle to one of the emergency car-parks located in north and south of the bridge.